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In 2001, “The Visitors to America” ​​brought together 1.2 million curious people in theaters. Often criticized, the film was obviously released in the United States, but was not criticized that much, as evidenced by the reviews of the press at the time.


Did the American press severely judge “The Visitors to America”? It’s up to you to decide!

According to Roger Ebert:

Visitors to America isn’t silly like a lot of American comedies can be. (…) Keyboard and [Jean Reno] try to appear genuinely confused by what they see, rather than rushing into gags. “ 3.5 / 5

According to the Washington Post:

“If you’ve seen the French version, here it is again, with a Disney language and a jester style à la John Hughes. (…) Some of his gags are very funny, and it’s a pleasure to see Jean Reno play another something a villain in an English language movie “. 3/5

According to Entertainment Weekly:

“Except for a completely upset meal in an upscale restaurant, Visitors to America forgoes the destructive madness of the original in favor of personal and bland subplots. If it’s a decent way to waste time for older children, it’s a bit like going to the Champs-Elysées to eat McDonald’s. “ 3/5

According to Variety:

Visitors to America luckily is less frantic, compiles some comedic nonsense, and the result is a comedy with jokes that will get you more than a few good laughs. “ 3/5

According to the New York Times:

“The humor has been sanitized compared to the original, darker and more grotesque French comedy.” 2.5 / 5

According to SFGate:

“A large part of the humor is based on hygiene and sanitation (…). The premise could be boring, but the director Jean-Marie Gaubert, who also made the original version, condenses this in 90 minutes (…) and a clever conclusion. “ 2.5 / 5

According to USA Today:

“No disinfectant could clean up this doomed American remake of Visitors, a success of French cinema in 1993 (…). Although it’s set in Chicago, it’s the American actors who look out of place, bustling all over the place with their cartoon characters. ” 2/5

According to Jonathan Rosenbaum:

“The film does everything it can to be as dumb as it can be, but apart from its deluge of special effects at the beginning and end, nothing is and the lightness is at its peak.” 1.5 / 5

According to Village Voice:

“Not only is he microwaving something outdated, but he’s also letting the director, writers, and cast do the reheating.” 1/5

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