Visitors: Simon Astier is preparing a new series for Warner TV


After “Hero Corps”, Simon Astier tackles a new project with the series “Visitors”. Warner TV has announced the start of filming on what will be the channel’s first original creation.

French fiction by Simon Astier

Many have discovered Simon Astier in Kaamelott, the series of his half-brother Alexandre Astier. He plays there Yvain, the king’s brother, also called the Knight of the Lion. Subsequently, Simon Astier proved that he too could be an officer behind the camera. We rememberOff Prime in 2007 which saw Virginie Efira struggling to break into the cinema. To say the least funny when you look at the career of the actress.

Then there was Hero Corp (2008-2017), comedy series that summons the world of superheroes. A bit like Kaamelott who often ridicules the Knights of the Round Table, Hero Corp presents heroes who are not imposing and are content with a peaceful life in a small village. At least, at the start of the series …

Warner TV launches Visitors

WhileHero Corp has built up a solid fan base during its broadcast, it will be delighted to learn that Simon Astier has a new project. Warner TV has indeed announced the filming of Visitors, his first original creation. Produced by MakingProd, this series created, written and directed by Simon Astier will consist of eight 26-minute episodes. Richard will be followed there on his first day in the police force. That same evening, two strange lights collided in the sky …

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