Vampire Survivors: a DLC that will change everything for this excellent indie game

Vampire Survivors has gone big, and the unexpected phenomenon of the indie scene welcomes a content-packed first DLC.

Recently upgraded to version 1.0 after long months of early access, Vampire Survivors is one of the biggest hits of this year. With its very low price and its roguelite gameplay as fun as it is addictive, the game broke everything on Steam before finally landing on Xbox Series, Xbox One and in the Game Pass.

Vampire Survivors spoils its players

Building on this success, the game continues to develop and now welcomes a very first DLC offered at less than 2€. Named, Legacy of the Moonspell, the DLC is inspired by Asian mythology with heroes and spells reminiscent of Japanese and Chinese culture.
This paying extension adds no less than 8 completely new characters, an army of new enemies and 13 new weapons such as spells, blades imbued with an evil force or even a magic kimono. What completely change the gameplay. Of course, there will also be many successes and challenges.

But the most important addition is undoubtedly the new map. The studio also announces that it is the largest environment in the whole game. Composed of several biomes, the map will offer you a drastically different experience from the original game and should offer a challenge.

Vampire Survivors: a DLC that will change everything for this excellent indie game
an XXL map

Vampire Survivors and its DLC Legacy of the Moonspell are already available on PC, Xbox Series and Xbox One. For those who do not own the original game, know that a pack comprising Vampire Survivors and its DLC will now be offered.

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