V rising: The multiplayer vampire game is a hit

V rising: The multiplayer vampire game is a hit

V Rising is a bit of a vampire life simulator. And obviously the principle has found its audience. See instead.

Obviously being a vampire is a bit of a fantasy for a lot of people. Proof of this is the rather crazy success of the very recent V Rising, which is not yet available on Steam only in early access.

Full box for V Rising

Indeed, the numbers are particularly telling for V Rising. When it was released, no less than 500,000 players flocked to suck blood. A rather phenomenal number especially since it is a completely independent game.

The SteamDB site is formal on the subject and the V Rising even exceeds Elden Ring or the commands of the Steam Deck. Who could have believed that?

Become the new Dracula

The goal of V Rising is a bit to make you become the new Dracula. Create your own legend, build your own castle and above all find something to live and survive. Or fresh blood. Obviously you will have to face many dangers since you can imagine that the villagers will not let themselves be killed without reacting.

gothic survival

Note also that the game is a multiplayer survival .. Under these conditions, we suspect that we will have to fight hard to find a place in the sun. Or rather… in the shade!

The game is obviously inspired by literature and Gothic tales with the main source of inspiration being the famous Dracula by Bram Stockero.

In short, the game seems to be very popular and we can only rejoice for the team at Stunlock Studios who must open the champagne shamelessly (or not).

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