USB 4 version 2: get ready for the fastest connectivity

USB 4 version 2: get ready for the fastest connectivity

This is a new development for USB connectivity with USB 4.0 version 2. This should notably greatly improve bandwidth. Explanations.

As the newspaper reports The Verge, USB 4 version 2 could well be the fastest connection available to everyone. Currently the fastest connection is USB 4 or Thunderbolt version 4, which we are still too few to use. Through these two technologies, speeds currently reach 40 Gbps.

USB 4 version 2 to double your bandwidth

Well obviously for this version 2 and still according to The Verge, you will be able thanks to this connection to reach 80 Gbps. But the surprising news, besides literally doubling the speed, is that it won’t even be necessary to change cables. Indeed, according to the USB-IF, a 40 Gbps cable purchased today is capable of exploiting and managing a rate twice as high, therefore 80 Gbps. For the record, the USB Implementers Forum (see the abbreviation above in the text) is a non-profit organization created to promote and support the marketing of the most famous of connectors.

The technical specifications for USB 4 version 2 should be published before the USB DevDays in Seattle which takes place at the beginning of November. In any case, we will have to wait a little longer to see this connection become more democratic on our products. Especially for our PCs and our smartphones. The press release states that the update is “specifically aimed at developers at the moment“. But it is true that being able to transfer a 4K Blu-ray in five seconds is quite enticing.

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