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Despite a drop in attendance in the United States, Jungle Cruise is doing well by taking the lead at the box office. He largely dominates the debates in front of The Green Knight and Old.



After Old last week, it’s the turn of Jungle Cruise to take the lead in the US box office with more than 34 million greenbacks collected. The blockbuster with Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt therefore signs a rather solid start in these complicated times and the decline in theater attendance.

The Green Knight, a chivalrous drama around King Arthur with Dev Patel, takes second place. Its score, however, is very far from that of Jungle Cruise with only $ 6.7 million in revenue.

Old remains in 3rd position, also collecting 6.7 million. M. Night Shyamalan’s film has accumulated 30 million greenbacks to date. However, its attendance plummeted by 60% compared to the previous week. Same thing for Snake Eyes with 70% drop. With 22 million accumulated, he is heading straight for the flop. This GI Joe spin-off had a budget of 88 million.

For his part, Black widow Still doing not too badly with more than 167 million cumulative receipts, staying in 4th place. A surprising novelty comes to interfere in 5th position: Stillwater, with Matt Damon and Camille Cottin. As for Space Jam 2, it continues its slow descent to the depths of the box office despite a good first week.

The cars of Fast and Furious 9 are also starting to run out of steam, falling to 8th position with 2.6 small millions collected (168M cumulative). Either way, the drop in attendance in the United States is quite terrifying. Almost all films have seen their numbers drop by more than 50% after a first week of operation.

It remains to be seen whether the rather disappointing scores of this weekend are due to the films offered which are not to the taste of the public, to a difficult summer with the fear of the Delta variant which pushes Americans not to go to theaters or even the fact that many of the feature films showing are also available on streaming platforms.


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