Unreal Engine 5.1: a walk in the forest more real than nature

Unreal Engine 5.1: a walk in the forest more real than nature

We know that the engine Unreal Engine 5 is surely one of the most beautiful at the moment. To convince you, here is a new demonstration.

L’Unreal Engine 5 promises to make games look better than ever, and even though the latest update toand Fortnite is stunning at this level, we are still far from all that the engine can give in terms of performance and beauty. For this, it is necessary for the moment to concentrate on the demos.

Unreal Engine 5.1, the impressive demo

So MAWI United, who developed the impressive demo Conifer Forest Biomerecently launched a new demo designed under Unreal Engine 5.1, still in the forest, her name is Nanite Redwood Forestand it represents a square kilometer of an entirely procedurally generated forest made up of billions of Nanite triangles for trees, plants, rocks, debris, etc.

More than just a video, the demo Nanite Redwood Forest can be downloaded by going to here . Be careful, however, a powerful PC is necessary to run everything correctly, with at least an RTX 2080 GPU for 1080p resolution and an RTX 3080 GPU for 4K resolution.

It must be said that given the technique (just admire the video above), a large configuration seems indeed obvious. Imagine the path traveled knowing that the first version of the engine was released in 1998. We remember of course Unreal Tournament or Deus Ex. More than 20 years later we find ourselves with demos of this type and a result larger than life.

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