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“Sous le ciel d’Alice”, Chloé Mazlo’s first feature film, will be released on Wednesday June 30, 2021. This Lebanese chronicle tells the story of a family with modesty and fantasy, freely inspired by that of the filmmaker.

What is it about ?

In the 1950s, young Alice left Switzerland for Lebanon, a sunny and exuberant country. There, she falls in love with Joseph, a mischievous astrophysicist who dreams of sending the first Lebanese into space. Alice quickly finds her place in the latter’s family. But after a few years of dolce vita, civil war creeps into their paradise …

Sous le ciel d’Alice, directed by Chloé Mazlo, written by Chloé Mazlo and Yacine Badday, with Alba Rohrwacher, Wajdi Mouawad, Isabelle Zighondi ..

Released June 30, 2021.

From small to big history

After having signed several remarkable short films, including Les Petits cailloux (César of the animated short film in 2015), Chloé Mazlo goes on to feature film with Sous le ciel d’Alice which has the originality of mixing real shooting and stop -motion (animation technique with real objects).

With this alloy, the filmmaker finds a nice balance and the right tone to tackle a subject that could have been hard or complex to grasp, and above all retains a certain poetry and modesty.

There is indeed a lot of grace and fantasy in this film selected for Critics’ Week 2020. Small touches of fantasy as we could see for example in Amélie Poulain.

It is by focusing on the love story between Alice and Joseph that Chloé Mazlo takes the viewer in her story very inspired by her own family, in this case her Swiss grandmother for the role of Alice.

As the filmmaker explains, the difficulty was to find oneself “confronted (with his co-scriptwriter Yacine Badday) with two rather loaded mythologies: the history of a family and the history of a country“.”We felt like we had struck the right tone and the right distance when the love story between Alice and Joseph established itself as the heart of the tale.“, she specifies.

I did not want to deny the tragedies, the seriousness, the violence, but it was important for me to evoke them with this modesty, this restraint tinged with humor that the members of my family had communicated to me.“, she adds.

While writing the scenario, we seized on all this climate, this apparent absurdity to feed the incredulity, even the denial of Alice in the face of this rout that creeps into her daily life. Through the trials of Alice and her family, the film shows us this collapse of their world, the pain and helplessness they feel when they see it disappear, as well as their inability to admit that, for the moment, more. nothing will ever be the same.

In addition to the animated sequences, the choice was made to opt for a film shot on film, giving a certain aesthetic to the sequences in real shooting.

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