Uncharted 5: a completely unexpected turnaround?

Uncharted 5: a completely unexpected turnaround?

Will we have to count on a completely unexpected reversal of the situation to Uncharted 5? A leaker with some good information will ignite the Web with his declarations.

Will Nathan Drake be definitively forgotten? PlayStation’s most famous adventurer may have retired, but Sony isn’t done with licensing. While a new Uncharted is officially in the works, a new rumor just popped up out of nowhere.

A reboot ofUncharted without Naughty Dog ?

This one we didn’t see coming. Insider Gaming has just relayed a strange rumor coming straight from Theleak.co, who had the hollow nose on some information, but whose credit remains to be proven. According to two of their sources, Sony would have given the green light to a reboot from the Serie Unchartedthe most surprising being that it would not be entrusted to Naughty Dog. The Leak, however, has no information about the studio that would have the heavy task of developing such a project. There had been talk of a new episode by Bend Studio at one point, before the idea was aborted. According to them, Sony would have made the decision earlier in the year.

Last October, the Californian studio announced that it was working in co-development “ on a promising new project with Naughty Dog in a beloved franchise “. An employee of the Dogs in charge of recruitment had also confirmed that a Uncharted 5, or in any case a new opus, was in development within the Californian studio. We remember that she was looking for talents of all levels, special beings to build future teams, not only from the studio’s upcoming games but also from the legacy ofUncharted “. However, the rumor remains to be taken with tweezers and it is impossible to know for the moment if Nathan Drake will resume service or if a new character will take us to new adventures. However, we should not have news anytime soon according to The Leak since the project is still in its infancy.

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