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In the next episode of “Un Si Grand Soleil” … While Jonathan violently hits Florent, Elsa enters Baudry’s place. At the same time, the Bastide family gets together for a day at sea.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Un Si Grand Soleil broadcast tomorrow evening on France 2! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Thursday 1er July 2021 in Un Si Grand Soleil…


In the morning, Claire offers Kira to drop her off at high school but she declines. The nurse then took the opportunity to give her the bracelet that her mother had given her, specifying that she would be happy to wear it in her turn. Very moved, Kira throws herself in his arms then apologizes for not having been very cool with her lately.

In high school, Kira enthusiastically announces to Camille that she is going to Spain with Jonathan. Laetitia’s daughter may try to dissuade her by arguing that Jonathan is manipulating her to harm her brother, Kira assures us that she knows what she is doing. While the young woman promises to give him news regularly, Camille agrees to keep the secret and adds that she will miss her very much before taking her in his arms.

Meanwhile, Master Levars informs Florent that Jonathan has become completely unmanageable and that his words are very disturbing. Even if they don’t have any sympathy for each other, he warns him about Jonathan wanting his skin. At the hospital, Claire contacts Enzo. Believing that Kira is strange right now, she can’t help but have a bad feeling and begs her stepson to tell her what he knows. With his back to the wall, Enzo admits that the teenager sees Jonathan in secret and then declares that he fears another runaway. Very worried, Claire immediately calls Florent to warn him.

A few kilometers away, Kira is at the resource center with Jonathan. When the latter says he is in a hurry to see the face of his brother when he learns that they are gone together, Kira begins to wonder about the true intentions of her uncle. Despite everything, Jonathan manages to manipulate her once again.

Shortly after, Florent bursts in and begs Kira not to leave. Although she can sometimes feel different from others because of her past, Florent says that she is part of his family and that he loves her like his daughter. As he holds out his hand, Kira agrees to come home with tears in her eyes. Angry, Jonathan catches up with them in the street. With a baseball bat in his hand, he doesn’t hesitate for a second to hit his brother violently in the back. Once he’s on the ground, Jonathan rushes at him for the stranger in front of Kira who tries to stop him.


As Elsa is about to go scouting, Virgil reminds her that she has work to do. Only, she pretends to have to leave for an appointment with the gynecologist. At the same time, the diamond investigation is advancing. If Alex learned that Vincent Simon had made fifteen rotations between Paris and Kinshasa in the last three months, Manu continues his investigations on Gaëtan Baudry and questions Bertrand Dardel who says that Gaëtan was his guide during a trek in the Democratic Republic. from the Congo last year.

For her part, Elsa spies on Gaëtan and Wilson’s villa. As she managed to recover the alarm code, the young woman takes advantage of the absence of the two men to enter their home. Unfortunately, she cannot find any diamonds there.


Julien, Alice and Arthur meet at the port for a sailing trip to celebrate the end of Arthur’s ferry. The whole family then sets out to sea for a day full of complicity. Back on dry land, Julien confides in Alice how good it has been for him to be with his family and is particularly nostalgic for past happiness. As he wonders how they got there, Alice replies that it’s always easier to remember good times. Back home, Julien finds Johanna. When she tries to find out why he is showing off, the son Bastide retorts that he is wondering about their relationship.

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