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In the next episode of “Un Si Grand Soleil” … While Florent makes a proposal to Jonathan, Arthur is admitted to medicine.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Un Si Grand Soleil broadcast on Saturday evening on France 2! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Saturday June 26, 2021 in Un Si Grand Soleil …


At the police station, Jonathan is heard by the police and affirms that he has never ransacked Florent’s office. Having no evidence against him, Yann is forced to release him. Leaving the interrogation room, Jonathan crosses paths with Becker who makes him understand that he is doing well on this one before swearing that it will not last. Even if he does not care what happens between him and his brother, the commissioner still orders him not to approach Enzo and Kira. While Jonathan retorts that he has every right to do so, Becker says that the law will not be of any help to him because from now on he is making it a personal matter.

Meanwhile, Kira no longer supports Florent’s behavior. If Enzo tries to convince her that it is their uncle who is doing everything to destroy her father, the teenager considers that Jonathan is the victim in this story. Reassembled, Enzo urges him to open his eyes, specifying that he is a dangerous man.

For his part, Master Levars asks Jonathan to stop his bullshit because his trial is fast approaching. Not far from there, Florent learns with disappointment that his brother has been released. Fearing that he will start again, Florent does not intend to wait without reacting. Knowing full well that Jonathan has become so through his own fault, he fully intends to find a solution to fix the situation.

At nightfall, Florent joins him at the campsite then hands him an envelope of money in exchange for what he will have to spend with their lives. Leaving the scene, Florent crosses paths with Virgil and is sure that his plan will work.


The atmosphere is particularly festive at Elizabeth’s since Arthur is received in medical school. A news that particularly delights Alain who congratulates his spiritual grandson. To celebrate, Elizabeth offers to open a good bottle in the evening. Subsequently, Arthur finds his friends to celebrate. While Enzo was caught in the prep he requested, Anissa was held up in law school in hopes of becoming a lawyer. As for Antonin, he still has no answer.

A short distance away, Gaétan Baudry contacts Johanna to invite him for a drink in order to explain to him how he got involved in this diamond story. As she prepares to answer, the lawyer receives a message from Julien who would like her to come and have a drink in the evening with the Bastide family to celebrate her son’s entry into medicine. Having no desire for it, Johanna instead accepts her client’s offer.

For his part, Antonin reports to Dylan that he is actually on the waiting list and that he only had his second choice which is in Perpignan. As he doesn’t want to leave Anissa, he hopes to find something else in the area. However, Dylan encourages him to think carefully because it is his future that he is in the process of. In the evening, the Bastide family reunites with Elizabeth. Seeing his ex-wife, Julien declares that she is magnificent and that the air of Lozère has done him good. And it is in a good mood that everyone is particularly proud of Arthur.

Several kilometers away, Gaétan tells Jonathan that he met Roger Camendo, a man who ran an NGO fighting against the exploitation of children. Two years ago, the latter was assassinated by Congolese militiamen who worked for the mining trusts. Also, Gaétan decided to do everything in his power to continue his action and support his NGO. He therefore embarked on diamond trafficking to recover funds. Either way, Johanna indicates that he broke the law and will be sentenced for it.

On his way home, Julien tells Johanna that it feels weird to know that his son will soon be flying on his own. Indeed, he now understood that he would no longer come home and that he was going to start his adult life. After announcing that he was lucky to have this kind of problem, Johanna goes to bed to end the conversation.


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