Un Si Grand Soleil: Claire at the heart of a hospital scandal this summer [SPOILERS] – News Series on TV


On the set of the series, Mélanie Maudran tells us about her character’s next plot: while Claire’s family is just recovering from the Jonathan tornado, a hospital scandal will tarnish the nurse’s reputation …

In the next episodes of Un Si Grand Soleil, Claire will find herself at the heart of a societal intrigue linked to the hospital. New characters will appear alongside him for the occasion, including David (Quentin Gratias), a nurse already seen during the plot on the death of Lila Marquant, as well as a new head nurse.

She is my supervisor. I’m not sure yet what kind of person it is: we grope, we both sniff a little“tells us Mélanie Maudran on the set of the daily in the studios of Vendargues.

According to her, Claire will meet again involved in a story that goes wrong, in connection with his practice of care and one of his patients. “There is no bad intention on his part, but it turns out that a blog not very serious, a kind of pseudo-whistleblower wanting to make the buzz, balances information transformed in relation to reality, and compared to what Claire actually did, except that the rumor starts to spread very quickly, and Claire is going to be a bit mistreated. She knows the damage is done, and that it will drip with consequences.

A plot that will address the delicate subject of the end of life through the story of Violette (Claudine Régnier), an old lady and friend of Myriam (Pauline Paolini) which Claire is in charge of at the hospital. “I follow her because she has health problems. I am her regular nurse, and I have forged quite a strong friendship with her. She is a person that I really like.

Very old and ill, Violette is going to be accompanied by Claire as best she can, but things are not going to be as simple as expected, as several people around her will be affected by the death of this woman.

“We don’t often talk about people over 75, their moods, their fears, their desires …” she adds. “I find that the authors have treated it quite subtly, it isis a topic that I really found very well addressed. We are not in the pathos, the actress is really great, and we found ourselves shooting scenes that sounded true. “

On the occasion of this strong societal intrigue, the actress also promises a return of the duo Myriam-Claire around this intrigue. Indeed, the two women had become friends last year during an incredible intrigue on post-COVID precariousness, as they embarked on the burglary of luxury villas.

On the private side, after Jonathan has returned behind bars, the blended family formed by Claire, Florent (Fabrice Deville), Enzo (Teïlo Azaïs) and Kira (Coline Ramos-Pinto) have regained their balance. “For Kira, with whom we embarked on something not necessarily simple at first, because she was very resistant to a lot of things, to authority, to the love of a new family, she was a little lost. It took a long time to tame. “

“But now, the four of us are really starting to find our marks. The two children get along really well, we form a real family. By dint of proof of love, tolerance, patience, she understands that we are there for good.

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