Un Si Grand Soleil: before his departure, Jérémy Banster promises “a descent into hell” for Julien Bastide – News Séries


Present yesterday at the Monte-Carlo Festival to promote the telefilm “Meurtres sur les îles du Frioul”, Jérémy Banster has agreed to talk to our microphone about his upcoming departure from “Un Si Grand Soleil”, after three seasons, and the last one Julien’s plot.

Last week, Jérémy Banster, the interpreter of Julien Bastide in Un Si Grand Soleil, announced his departure from the daily soap opera of France 2 after three years of good and loyal service via a long message posted on Instagram.

“END CLAP … Season 3 of Un Si Grand Soleil is coming to an end soon, it is for me the end of a very beautiful adventure, I will not participate in season 4”, wrote the actor who, after Gabrielle Lazure, Valérie Kaprisky, Gary Guénaire, or Mélanie Robert, has also decided to turn the page Un Si Grand Soleil to devote himself to other projects.

Present yesterday on the closing red carpet of the 60th edition of the Monte-Carlo Television Festival, where he came to present the telefilm Murders on the Frioul Islands with Francis Huster, Jérémy Banster agreed to talk to our microphone about his departure of the series and the latest emotional storyline of his character.

“You can expect a really big plot. We’ll call it a final bouquet.”, tease Jérémy Banster when asked what his latest plot in the series has in store for him. “It’s the end. And when it’s the end, something important necessarily happens. Surprising. So, until August 6, I encourage you to follow the latest adventures of Julien Bastide”.

“I am very happy with these last episodes, they are very beautiful”, continues the one who, for three seasons, lent his features to the father of Arthur and Manon Bastide, who is currently living a relationship anything but appeased with Johanna (Aurore Delplace). “There is a lot of emotion, there is a descent into hell. But something very human, with a flaw, with a lot of humanity. That’s why I love this character of Julien Bastide and why I will always love him “.

Asked about the reasons which pushed him to say goodbye to this character after three years spent in Un Si Grand Soleil, Jérémy Banster explains quite simply having arrived at the end of a cycle and evokes new desires.

“It’s the end of a cycle. Three seasons in a series, for me, it’s perfect, it’s great. We also want to rub shoulders with other universes, to meet new directors. , authors, actors too. And to set off on a new adventure. At some point, you have to get out of your comfort zone, not to fall asleep too much. We chose this acting profession for that “.

“It is with great happiness and immense pleasure that I played Julien Bastide for three years. With extraordinary partners: Mélanie Maudran, Maëlle Mietton, Chrystelle Labaude, and I forget some. There are dozens of them. But there you have it. You have to know how to turn a page. It is not necessarily easy, because it is a lot of emotion. But I know that it is the right choice and the right choice “.

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