Ubisoft will make you pay more for your games, it’s official

Ubisoft will make you pay more for your games, it's official

It’s official, Ubisoft will charge you for its PS5 games and Xbox Series more expensive. This new policy will begin in November with Skull & Bones.

Sony defied the chronicle lately with the price of The Last of Us Part 1. Like other new-gen games, the remake is officially charged €80. A price that had already provoked an outcry from players last year when the Japanese publisher and Take-Two announced a price increase for PS5 games and Xbox Series. Ubisoft will soon join the dance.

PS5 games and Xbox Series More expensive Ubisoft

It’s official, you will soon have to pay more for your Ubisoft games. Yves Guillemot confirmed the information withAxios. ” Some of the Ubisoft games will be released at the same price as the competition Large AAA games will cost €80 ($70) “said the CEO of the French company. A statement that is struggling to pass, while households are bearing the full brunt of inflation and the amounts of their electricity bills are soaring.

Ubisoft will therefore join the list of publishers who have decided to charge for their PS5 games and Xbox Series €79.99. Sony, Take-Two, Activision Blizzard and Gearbox have all adopted this pricing policy much to the chagrin of gamers. At a recent conference with investors, the firm had kicked in touch on the subject indicating that no decision had been made. This is now the case. The price increase for Ubisoft games will begin with Skull & Bones, scheduled for November 8. However, it should only concern new-gen games. The publisher did not wish to provide more information on the subject as to the possible impact on PC, Switch or even PS4 and Xbox One.

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