Twitter: Musk will fleece (even more) iPhone owners

Twitter: Musk will fleece (even more) iPhone owners

New adventure for Twitter and its uses, this still about the famous Blue subscription which allows you to obtain the certification badge.

First announced at 19 dollars, the subscription for Twitter Blue since the takeover of the network by Elon Musk will now cost 8 dollars. But since the disagreement with Apple and its 30% commission policy, Elon Musk has completely changed his strategy.

Twitter Blue will be more expensive on iPhone

It is known that Apple takes a 15% or 30% commission for each transaction on the App Store. If the 15% applies for developers who have annual revenue of less than $1 million. The 30% rate is for the most “lucky”. Under these conditions, Twitter is subject to the 30% commission without obviously any privilege.

For memory :

Elon Musk has gone to war against Apple since the company expressed its wish to no longer publish advertisements on the social network while threatening to remove the Twitter application from the Apple Store. Following this the billionaire accuses the manufacturer of being against freedom of expression. According to the very serious The Vergethis is what set “the fire to the powder”.

Musk therefore wishes to compensate for the commission taken by Apple. On iPhone, the Blue version will in fact cost $11/month by subscribing from the appropriate application, where the price will be displayed at $7/month via the social network site. In short, to pay less you will have to go through the blue bird social network site and not through the Apple site. All this for a big penny story. Even if obviously in the meantime the quarrel between Apple and the billionaire seems to be resolved.

Twitter Blue would now cost $11 per month on the iPhone.

What do you think of this whole story about Twitter et Appl?

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