Twitch: a new paid feature that is controversial

Twitch is going to add a chat message feature to the trial and it’s clearly not going to please everyone.

It is via the official Twitch Support account that we can learn the news, a paid feature will make its arrival at the level of messages in the chat of a stream. Take a look at the message below:

We’re experimenting with a new way for Twitch viewers to pay to support their favorite streamers!

? Elevated Chat will be available on select channels today.
⌛ Keep your messages visible in the chat for a longer period!

? Learn more

So we can learn that to have a message pinned in the chat of a Twitch stream for only 30 seconds, viewers will have to spend $5 and the prices will increase exponentially from there. For 60 seconds it’s $10, then $25 for 90 seconds, $50 for two minutes, then the last option is $100 for two and a half minutes. If more than one viewer uses the “elevated chat” feature, a queue starts.

Twitch function.

At this time, Twitch’s Elevated Chat feature has not been rolled out to all streamers. The experience lasts four weeks in total, starting in early October. During this trial period, streamers cannot opt-in or opt-out of the experience in question.

Twitch also announced that streamers would receive 70% of the revenue generated from Elevated Chat messages while the platform would keep the remaining 30%.

What do you think of this new feature?

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