Twisted Metal: the series even more crazy than Zombieland?

Twisted Metal: the series even more crazy than Zombieland?

It is through an interview with our colleagues from IGN that the Twisted Metal series gives its news.

Twisted Metal Series Unveils New Details

Will the Twisted Metal series be in the spirit of the original games? According to Carter Swan, senior producer at PlayStation Studios, this is what the teams strive to do by incorporating all the elements that characterize the franchise. The cars, the post-apocalyptic setting or even Sweet Tooth and his ice cream truck.

An iconic character who alone represents the license. He will be dubbed Will Arnett (LEGO Batman the movie, BoJack Horseman…) but it is the wrestler Samoa Joe who will physically embody him. A very creepy clown who will rub shoulders with other characters including those of Neve Campbell and Anthony Mackie.

It should be all the more faithful as creators Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese (Deadpool, Zombieland) and showrunner Michael Jonathan Smith (Cobra Kai) say they are fans. A Twisted Metal series that, in terms of tone and violence, would be comparable to Zombieland.

Our showrunner Michael Jonathan Smith, who is one of the great writers of Cobra Kai, was a big fan of the game and wanted it to be fun, even in the dark times. The game is just so fun and crazy, so we try to capture that as best we can.

Zombieland is a good barometer of what we can do. Their thing is that even in the most total apocalypse, you can have fun. They are able to take these violent and ridiculous things and make them funny.

As a reminder, Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese are the authors of the Zombieland films, hence this comparison.

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