Trombone Champ: the funniest game of the year, it will take your breath away

Trombone Champ: the funniest game of the year, it will take your breath away

Could this be one of the GOTYs of the year? Many players are convinced of this. Coming out of nowhere, without any big communication, Trombone Champ is on its way to becoming one of the phenomena of 2022.

Trombone Champ, the completely crazy game that caused a sensation

The first trombone rhythm game has arrived and it’s already a hit. Powered by a tweet from PCGamer which has over 83,000 likes at the time of this writing, this small indie production went viral within hours. The goal of Trombone Champ is simple: try to follow the score, except that you can freely play each note at any time. So when Beethoven or the American and British national anthems are massacred, it gives great nonsense. Laughter guaranteed.

Why is Trombone Champ so popular with gamers? Its ultra-simplistic gameplay: all you have to do is move the mouse according to the sheet music which scrolls at high speed, then click on the notes, taking care of the tempo. Be careful though, this first game from independent studio Holy Wow is ruthless. It’s very easy to be extremely bad and any music can turn into a disaster. Just watch, and above all listen to certain services published by Internet users.

Mix disastrous performances, kitsch animations, massacred great classics and murderous spades of the game and you have one of the funniest titles of 2022. Sold only 12.49 euros on SteamTrombone Champ will undoubtedly be your best investment for your evenings with friends or solo.

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