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Cradled from an early age by New Hollywood cinema, Vincent Formica very early discovered the works of Martin Scorsese, Coppola, De Palma and Steven Spielberg. Thanks to these cinema godfathers, he will learn to deeply love the 7th art, forging an eclectic cinephilia.

Discover the first images of C’est quoi ce papy?!, A wacky comedy and the 3rd episode of a saga that began in 2016. This new part is still being carried by Chantal Ladesou. It will be released on August 11 in theaters.

After the 700,000 spectators of C’est quoi cette famille (2016) and the 1.2 million curious people of C’est quoi cette grandie (2019), director Gabriel Julien-Laferrière completes his trilogy with C’est quoi ce grandie? !

We always find the whole little family around the fantastic grandma Aurore, camped by the earthy Chantal Ladesou.

This time, the craziest grandmother has a spectacular fall during a frenzied dance. She loses her memory and finds herself recovering in a nursing home.

She only speaks of a mysterious Gege… who could be her youthful sweetheart and bring her back to her senses. Her seven grandchildren decide to make the wall to escape their grandma, still siphoned off from the bulb.

They set off across France in search of the one they believe to be their Grandpa. But when Grandma meets Grandpa… The family is not at the end of its surprises!

This gruff grandpa, who will see Aurore tumble after 45 years without news, is played by Patrick Chesnais. He will have a lot to do with the whole tribe, back for this 3rd opus.

What is this granny ?! : Chantal Ladesou tells us about this crazy and endearing grandmother

Bastien (Teïlo Azaïs), Clara (Violette Guillon), Gulliver (Sadio Diallo), Léopoldine (Luna Aglat), Juliette (Chann Aglat), Oscar (Lilian Dugois) and Eliot (Benjamin Douba Paris) will give their parents!

Julie Gayet, Thierry Neuvic, Julie Depardieu, Lucien Jean-Baptiste, Claudia Tagbo, Philippe Katerine, Arié Elmaleh and Nino Kirtadze are also back. They will once again have to deal with the escapades of their turbulent offspring!

What is this grandpa, summer comedy and feel-good, will land on August 11 at the cinema.

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