Tower of Terror: Scarlett Johansson to star in Disneyland attraction-based film


Disney has just announced that a film adapted from the flagship attraction “The Tower of Terror” is in the works. Scarlett Johansson will produce and star in the feature film written by Josh Cooley (Inside Out, Toy Story 4).

The Tower of Terror: flagship attraction of Disney parks

If you’ve ever set foot in a Disney park, you couldn’t miss the screams that emerged from this mysterious hotel. Present in several parks, including Disneyland Paris, La Tour de la terreur est, with Le Manoir haté, creepiest attraction imagined by the firm with big ears. And for good reason. Installed aboard a service elevator inside a hotel straight out of the Hollywood golden age, the passengers then free fall several meters, then climb back up, and fall again.

The Tower of Terror – Disneyland Paris © Disney

The strength of The Tower of Terror lies not only in the thrills of repeated free falls, but also in the entire narrative arc that surrounds it. Indeed, by entering this mysterious (and sublime) building, visitors discover the dark story behind. Inspired by the series The Fourth Dimension, the attraction reveals that in the late 1930s, one Halloween night, five elevator passengers mysteriously disappeared after lightning struck the building. They were actually transported to … the fourth dimension.

The Tower of Terror: the movie is announced

The links between Disney attractions and cinema are very close, whether cinema inspires them, or whether they inspire cinema (Pirates of the Caribbean, The Haunted Manor or more recently Jungle Cruise). After a TV movie released in 1997 with Kirsten Dunst, The Tower of Terror took it to the next level, and gave birth to a feature film produced and worn by Scarlett Johansson.

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