Top of the most sensual movies to watch during the summer


Summer. Its scorching episodes which give way to the storm, its departures on vacation, its afternoons at the beach … The mercury is panicking and the bodies are crazy about it. Large screens too as well as DashFUN!

Big sweaters and tight pants in the closet! The time has come to let the warm air caress our skin and the sun to saturate it. Speaking of the epidermis, it’s not just the rays that give it shivers … Under the overwhelming, overwhelming and exhilarating heat, bodies come closer. From simple flirtation to serious relationship, many couples are formed during this sweet season. No wonder this is a most inspiring subject for our friends the filmmakers. The opportunity for us to come back to the most sensual movies to watch again during the summer.

The swimming pool

This jewel signed Jacques Deray literally plunges into the theme of sensuality. Released in 1969, The swimming pool anchors forever the mythical couple formed by Romy Schneider and Alain Delon playing the roles of Marianne and Jean-Paul Leroy. On the heights of Saint-Tropez, the couple bathe in happiness by the swimming pool of their superb villa. It was without counting on the appeal of the attractive Harry Lannier (Maurice Ronet), best friend of Jean-Paul and former lover of Marianne, who then arrives in the company of his daughter Pénélope (Jane Birkin). The spoilsport is not without leaving Marianne indifferent. Ditto for the youthful charms of Penelope which will not leave Jean-Paul unmoved.

Between fortuitous attractions and frustrated desires, the tension mounts in this closed room where the quartet warms up under an alleged obligingness. A heavy atmosphere and a hostile climate which does not make the film less scorching.

The Swimming Pool © Unzéro Films

The Valseuses

Full sun on The Valseuses, a provocative comedy that could not be more controversial. Bertrand Blier takes us alongside Jean-Claude and Pierrot, two lost thugs who take pleasure in terrorizing their fellow citizens, until they attack Marie-Ange’s boyfriend, a frigid shampooer who decides to go join them. Respectively camped by Gérard Depardieu, Patrick Dewaere and Miou Miou, the infernal trio goes on the run through France in the 70s. Their journey is punctuated by various adventures while the rascals try to kill time.

And you might as well say it right away, Marie-Ange knows how to give of her person to overcome boredom. She offers her body for the pleasure of these gentlemen without feeling the need to receive it. Of tender moments on the program However. And although his words are closer to vulgarity than sensuality, how can we not think of this cult film in the middle of summer?

The Valseuses
Les Valseuses © SN Prodis

Murderous summer

In line with The swimming pool, this multi-Caesarized drama released in 1983 tells us the story of Éliane (Isabelle Adjani), known as Elle, a young woman as seductive as she is thorny who moves into a small village in Provence with her mother (Maria Machado) and her father adoptive paralytic (Michel Galabru). There, she meets Florimond dit Pin Pon (Alain Souchon), an idealistic mechanic and volunteer firefighter with whom she will fall in love.

Brought to the screen by Jean Becker, Murderous summer reveals us a Adjani sensual at will but above all neurotic as she delves into her past in search of revenge. The nerves are heated to white under the scorching sun and the passion is consumed between our two protagonists. Their love is passionate, painful, inflamed, carried by dazzling sequences. And while Éliane gradually falls into madness, Florimond sinks with her by committing the irreparable. Nevertheless, we cannot decently miss the undeniable beauty of this duo during the summer!

The deadly summer
Elle (Isabelle Adjani) – The murderous summer © SNC

The Lover

Sensuality on the skin for The Lover by Jean-Jacques Annaud adapted from the autobiographical novel by Marguerite Duras. Released in 1992, it presents the ardent passion between a young girl of barely fifteen (Jane March) and a Chinese seventeen years her elder (Tony Leung Ka Fai) at the end of the 1920s in French Indochina. Unreasonable, they consume their desire in the heart of a bachelor apartment from where you can hear all the sounds of Saigon. Thus they bury for a time the complicated relationships that both have with their respective families.

Unfortunately, they are not made to love each other. She lives in misery and he in abundance. He is madly in love with her when she believes – wrongly – to be only attracted. Impregnated by the narration of Jeanne Moreau, this carnal relationship makes us vibrate to the rhythm of the emotions experienced by the young girl in a man’s hat faced with this delicate being, their …

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