Top Gun 3: a new film in preparation? The director answers!

Top Gun 3: a new film in preparation? The director answers!

Top Gun 3 is there any chance of seeing the light of day? Many people want it.

Tom “Maverick” Cruise back in Top Gun 3?

Top Gun Maverick was such a hit in the cinema that he was entitled to a re-release with us. A sequel that rose to fifth place among the biggest hits of all time in the United States, and eleventh place among the most profitable films in the history of cinema worldwide.

Faced with this triumph, we may say to ourselves that Top Gun 3 is already in the boxes? Well no, but the director has clearly opened the door to a new film. He estimates that “Maverick still has some under the hood”but it will take like the second, a story that justifies a return.

Is there a story engaging enough to bring back the cover? From my point of view, Maverick still has some under the hood at the end of the film. He is not about to calm down. I know we could convince Tom Cruise to get back on his plane, but I’m not sure it’s the same for the rest of the cast.

Miles Teller, aka Bradley “Rooster” Bradshaw in the second film, is in for Top Gun 3. In fact, he even had discussions with Tom Cruise.

It would be wonderful, but everything will depend on Tom Cruise. It’s up to him to decide, but I’ve had conversations with him about it. We’ll see.

Miles Teller in an interview for EntertainmentTonight.

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