Tomorrow belongs to us: William’s sister arrives in Sète


Doctor Daunier’s sister arrives in Sète with all her little family in “Tomorrow belongs to us”. They are finally back in France after several months of sailing around the world. William does not seem really excited about this unexpected arrival … (Attention SPOILERS)

Tomorrow belongs to us : new arrivals in Sète

After having sailed all over the world, Bénédicte (Honorine Magnier), William’s sister (Kamel Belghazi), arrives in Sète in Tomorrow belongs to us. She is accompanied by her son Dorian (Rayane Huber) and her husband Etienne performed by Patrick Guérineau. They intend to take advantage of their visit to Sète to spend time with the Dauniers.

The opportunity for Dorian, the young teenager, to reconnect with his cousins. Rich with all his experiences at the end of the world, he has a lot to tell and share, to the great pleasure of Manon (Louvia Bachelier). William unfortunately does not share the enthusiasm of his daughters. It doesn’t seem not happy to find his sister.

William is on the defensive

Bénédicte therefore makes him the surprise to find him in the hospital. She runs into the social worker who tells her she suffers from stiff necks. Bénédicte, who is osteopath and naturopath, offers to take care of her while waiting for her brother. William arrives at this point and immediately reminds her that she is not allowed to practice in the hospital.

The reunion is therefore not very warm … He still offers to come and eat at his place this evening. William is planning to have a barbecue. Yet he knows very well that her sister is a vegetarian. Fortunately, his daughters are there to remind him not to spoil the evening and to stop throwing spades at his sister. The two teenage girls know full well that their father seizes every opportunity to annoy their aunt.

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Old traumas are resurfacing

Tensions are present between the two siblings so much both personally and professionally. A certain rivalry has set in for years. William explains to his daughter that he has always suffered lack of recognition of his parents. Her sister has always captured everyone’s attention and he felt abandoned. William can’t help but blame him.

The arrival in Sète de Bénédicte therefore awakens old traumas for William. All of this will materialize in sleepwalking crisis. Their mother, who should soon be entering the program, will also have health issues. The actor Kamel Belghazi, who plays Doctor Daunier, spoke about this in TV-Leisure :

In fact, they will both suffer physically from the lack of communication and affection. She, for not having given any, him for not having received … It’s like a bag of knots. Everything is hard, in tension.

It is possible that their conflictual relationship, due to the lack of communication with their parents, hide a secret… Answer in the next episodes of Tomorrow belongs to us, broadcast every evening on TF1 at 7:10 p.m.

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