Tomorrow belongs to us: who is Rayane Huber (Dorian), the interpreter of the cousin of Sofia and Manon? – News Series


From this evening, “Tomorrow belongs to us” welcomes Dorian Curtis, a brand new character played by the famous Tiktokeur Rayane Huber.

Fabien Malot / TelSete / TF1

The Tomorrow belongs to us family is growing once again. From this evening, the faithful of the successful daily TF1 will meet not one but three new characters: Bénédicte (Honorine Magnier), Étienne (Patrick Guérineau) and their son Dorian (Rayane Huber). And the latter are not totally foreign to William (Kamel Belghazi) since it is neither more nor less than his sister, his brother-in-law and his nephew.

This Thursday, June 24, Bénédicte, Étienne and Dorian moor in the port of Sète after having sailed around the world for several months. While this arrival is viewed with a very negative eye by William who has a complicated relationship with his sister, it marks the launch of a great summer arch around the Daunier family.

If the faces of Honorine Magnier and Patrick Guérineau, known for having played respectively in Section de Recherches and Camping Paradis, are familiar to you, that of Rayane Huber may not tell you anything, especially since this young actor is doing his very first. not on television.

A true star of social networks, Rayane Huber, alias Rayane HBR, is nevertheless followed by more than two million subscribers on Tik Tok, an application on which he regularly posts popular challenges as well as playback videos. Well known to Internet users, the famous influencer will therefore make his television debut in Tomorrow belongs to us in the guise of Dorian Curtis, William’s nephew, and will respond to Emma Smet, Louvia Bachelier or even Julie Debazac.

An arrival on the sets of the Sète soap opera that Rayan Huber had enthusiastically shared on his Instagram account. “It is with great pride that I am pleased to announce that I have joined the cast of Tomorrow belongs to us on TF1 where I will play the character of Dorian Curtis. I arrive in Sète to join my family, the Dauniers: my cousins ​​Sofia and Manon, my uncle William and my aunt Aurore. But I’m not going to Sète alone, my father Étienne Curtis will also be part of the adventure!“.

Dorian and his family should put down their suitcases in the series during a summer intrigue that promises to be eventful for the Dauniers. While Bénédicte and Etienne are in a hurry to get back to sea to go to the Maldives, the character played by Rayane Hubert, who has had great experiences around the world, has never been able to make friends with this life of adventures. . It would not be surprising if he wanted to stay in the Venice of Languedoc with his cousins.

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