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The revival of season 5 of “Tomorrow belongs to us” will include the arrival of new young actors, including Juliette Mabilat (“Askip”) and Dimitri Fouque (“Mixte ‘”), who will play two of the children of Charlotte Gaccio.

Fabien Malot / FTV

In order to revitalize its intrigues after four years of existence, Tomorrow belongs to us will make a major shift from August 16, on the occasion of the launch of its fifth season and the broadcast of its 1000th episode a few days later on TF1.

With the key to a great revival that will include a new credits, a new collection director (Marc Kressmann), and the arrival of new actors, such as Jennifer Lauret, Xavier Deluc, and Charlotte Gaccio, whose characters will be the pillars of families and new settings that will appear on screen in the weeks to come.

Among these new sets, Télé 2 Weeks revealed yesterday that the Paul Valéry high school would give way to a brand new establishment, the Agnès Varda high school, which will be the scene of the series’ future teenage intrigues and in which Chloé (Ingrid Chauvin) will obviously evolve. , but also the professors camped by Emmanuel Moire and the former candidate of The Voice Mayeul Durand.

And while a large part of the teens of Tomorrow belongs to us, present in the credits for several seasons now, graduated in June and are preparing to enter adulthood, like Sofia, Charlie, and Gabriel, the writers will obviously have to introduce new blood in order to bring this new setting to life and to attract a young audience more than ever.

While continuing to follow the adventures of Camille, Maud, Ben, Solenne, Aurélien, Mathilde, or even Dorian, who have already served as a “new generation” for several months, fans of the series will therefore discover by the end of the August four new teenagers who will undoubtedly become important characters of Tomorrow belongs to us at the start of the school year.

Named Jordan, Lizzie, Jack, Léo, the latter are none other than the children of Audrey Roussel, who will land very soon in the series in the guise of Charlotte Gaccio (Sam). Audrey is presented by TF1 as a positive and generous single mother who will leave the Paris region with her children to settle in Sète and begin a new chapter.

But upon his arrival, this new family will have a series of disappointments. Thus, Audrey will discover that the beauty salon in which she was to work has gone out of business and that the apartment in which she was to move into with her children does not exist. To thwart these twists of fate, Audrey will therefore have to use all her resourcefulness to urgently find accommodation and a job.

And if the mystery was so far well kept as to the identity of the young actors who would play Audrey’s children, born to three different fathers, Charlotte Gaccio unveiled this weekend a first “family photo” of Roussel on social networks.

Revealing as Jordan, the eldest 16-year-old, will be played by Maxime Lélue, seen in Pour Sarah et Tandem, while the twins Jack and Lizzie, 15, will be played by Dimitri Fouque, seen recently in Mixte on Amazon Prime Video in the role of Vergoux, and by Juliette Mabilat, who plays Rose in the series Askip, where she already rubs shoulders with Artemisia Toussaint, alias Solenne in Tomorrow belongs to us. Finally, Leo, the youngest of the tribe aged 10, will be played by Paco Blanco.

It remains to be seen what exactly the writers have in store for these four new characters who, no doubt, should quickly befriend Camille (Elisa Ezzedine), Maud (Sixtine Dutheil), Dorian (Rayane Huber), or even Ben (Antoine Cohaut). But one thing is certain: we should not be bored at the start of the school year.

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