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In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us” … While the police make a discovery that could change everything, Dorian and Camille kiss. Noa discover that Judith and Souleymane are back together.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Friday July 30 in Tomorrow belongs to us …


While William is fixated on the earring he found in Serge Toussaint’s car, Aurore imagines that the deceased had a mistress or that he simply lent his vehicle to a woman.

Later, Samuel auscultates William who has had the sensation of a severe burn on his cheek for several days. Having been on edge since his family arrived, Samuel believes his friend has developed anxiety disorders. William then explains that he is obsessed with the accident that had occurred forty years earlier, especially since he now knows that it was their car that had caught fire and not Serge’s. Certain that he relives this trauma, Samuel encourages him to continue the hypnosis sessions.

Meanwhile, Bénédicte confronts her father about Séverine Toussaint. As he shows no sign of empathy, Bénédicte has a hard time recognizing the man who instilled his humanist values ​​in him. Tired of the lies that are destroying their family, she pushes him to tell her the truth. Unfortunately, Régis gets carried away and ends the conversation.

Shortly after, Bénédicte leaves her parents’ house without realizing that a biker, wearing a helmet identical to the one spotted on the Dame Blanche, parked in front of their house and entered their home. The latter then overhears a conversation between Brigitte and Régis who discuss the drama. While Brigitte fears that their son will regain his memory and would like to tell the whole truth to their children, Régis points out that it is too late to back down and is sure that things will eventually work out.

Karim managed to identify the White Lady’s motorcycle and learned that it had been stolen around Poussan. And according to the owner, the thief is a man. For the police, there is no longer any doubt that the White Lady is in reality a man who disguises himself as a woman to stick as much as possible to the urban legend.

Several kilometers away, William has a new hypnosis session and sees himself at the side of a road where he sees the White Lady. When she takes off her mask, it is William’s face that we discover.


At the Delcourts, Camille reveals to her father that she witnessed the arrest of the traffickers with Dorian. Judging the young man far too fearless, Xavier hopes his daughter will not see him too often. Pain lost since the teenager hastens to join him at the beach to spend the day with him.

At the same time, Dorian confides in Souleymane that he likes Camille. Although he is convinced that something strong could be experienced with her, he has never had a lasting relationship due to her lifestyle and therefore worries that he does not know how to go about it.

But during the afternoon, Camille takes advantage of being alone with him to take the lead and kiss him. As she is afraid that he will end up going back to the other side of the world, Dorian swears to stay in Sète by her side.


At the Spoon, Souleymane announces to Gabriel that he has recovered with Judith. Happy, he is no longer sure he wants to settle in Calvières.

At the same time, Judith confides in Noor. The latter tells him that she was ready to go through something else and would not want her friend to get back with the son Myriel for the wrong reasons. However, the young woman loses the thread of the conversation when Noa joins them to invite Judith to come for a boat ride.

At the end of their walk, Judith and Noa discuss the profession of oyster farmer. Although she has always said that this job is too hard, the teenager feels out of place working at the farmhouse. When Noa suggests that she continue talking over a drink, Judith declines, specifying that she has a date with Noor.

At the Paillote, Judith and Souleymane do not stop kissing without knowing that Noa is at the bar looking at them. Surprised to see him, Judith assures that she did not lie to her and that she had to see Noor. At…

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