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In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us” … While Cédric Labadie flees, Victor promises his son to find a solution. For his part, William learns that his parents have landed in Sète.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Thursday 1er June in Tomorrow belongs to us …


After a night in police custody, Cédric Labadie insists with Sara to get out of his cell to go to the bathroom. When the policewoman opens the door for her, the receiver slams her against the wall and manages to grab hold of his weapon. As he walks towards the exit of the police station while keeping Sara in aim, Fred, a police officer, tries to intervene but Labadie orders him to immediately put down his weapon, otherwise he will kill his colleague. Once he has handcuffed them to a bench, Labadie flees with Sara’s pistol. Later, Martin reproaches the young woman for not having followed the procedure and informs her that she will be heard by the IGPN during the day.

Meanwhile, Judith and Noor would like to organize with their comrades a white march in honor of Clementine. Very touched by their approach and to hear that his ex-wife has so marked the spirits, Olivier promises to talk to his daughter before giving them an answer. A few meters away, Ben is not feeling too good. On Mathilde’s advice, the teenager contacts Solenne who must tackle rehabilitation in Boston the following week. When she questions him about Clémentine, Ben prefers to hide the truth from her and asserts that they still have no news.

Subsequently, Ben and Sacha go to the cemetery to pay a last tribute to Clémentine without knowing that Labadie is observing them in the distance. Shortly after, Labadie meets Sacha in Frontignan. Not having appreciated at all to be involved in a murder case, Cedric threatens to kill him if he does not get him out of this impasse.


Back in Sète, Lou shows Timothée the photos of his future apartment. Although she chose accommodation with a room for him, the teenager still refuses to follow her to the Marseille city because he hopes to see his father get out of prison quickly. At the same time, Virginie warns Victor that the liberties judge has rejected his request for parole. As this was the last possible resort, the businessman instructs her to break the bad news to her son. By learning the bad news, Timothy blames himself for not having insisted enough with the prosecutor. While Lou assures her that they’ll be okay, he tells her to stop making promises she can’t keep.

Later, Timothy goes to jail to chat with his father. When the latter offers to settle in a medical educational center until the end of his imprisonment, his son is categorically opposed. Determined to live with him, Timothy takes advantage of a guard coming to tell them the end of the parlor to flee to the cells but quickly discovers that the gates to access them are closed. After he has a fit, Victor manages to calm him down and convince him that prison is no place for him. Since his happiness is the most important thing to him, Victor is committed to helping him find a solution before Lou leaves. His son gone, he breaks down in tears.


Since his brother-in-law advised him to go see a shrink, William is particularly upset against him. For her part, Aurore believes that the idea is not totally absurd, especially since he has not been very well since the arrival of her sister.

At the same time, Dorian wants to go to the thrift store to buy new clothes. Having a very small budget, Manon accompanies her to the Delcourts, certain that Camille will be able to give them a helping hand. The latter then gives her clothes sent by the brands with which she works but also Maxime’s business that Chloe has asked her to sell on online sites. As he gets shirtless to try on a T-shirt, Camille seems charmed.

At Victoire, Bénédicte is there for an osteopathy session. When George comes home, William’s sister quickly notices that he is limping and offers her his services. Resistant at the start, the police officer ends up accepting.

Not far from there, Etienne invites Manon to stay for dinner with them, but she …

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