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In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us” … While Olivier and Garance learn the sad news, William recalls painful childhood memories. At the same time, Judith seeks to avoid Souleymane.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Friday June 25 in Tomorrow belongs to us …


In the morning, Garance and Olivier are summoned to the police station where Karim informs them with some emotion that Clémentine’s lifeless body has been found. Collapsed, Garance would like to see her mother but the policeman advises against it because the body is in very bad condition. Later, Mike confirms to Martin and Karim that Clémentine died from strangulation about six weeks ago. Although her murderer certainly had a grip, the sports teacher struggled with all her might. While the coroner did not find anything that would allow the assassin to be identified, Martin summons Sacha to have him identify the victim in the hope that he will confess. Unfortunately, he pretends to be devastated before once again claiming his innocence.

Sacha then joins Ben at the end of high school and announces the terrible news to him. To protect Solenne, he begs his son to keep it a secret so that she can focus on his rehabilitation. Meanwhile, Garance and her father are at the Spoon. While the young woman does not know how she will be able to continue living without her mother, Olivier tries to comfort her. And to add that Sacha will not get out of it so easily while swearing to make him pay for all the harm that has done them.

Not far from there, Océane begins to doubt her father and wonders if he would not have killed Clémentine. Words that do not please Gaspard at all, who fervently defends their father. For her part, Chloe announces to Maxime the death of Clémentine. Although he expected it, the young man accuses the blow especially since it was his first love. At nightfall, Sacha receives a message on his phone from an anonymous person who writes “Me, I saw what you did to Clémentine Doucet”.


The arrival of his sister in Sète brings back difficult childhood memories for William. When Bénédicte was younger, their parents let her go through everything. Result of the races, the latter made the 400 blows and they spent their time taking care of her. A situation from which William suffered a lot because his parents did not pay attention to him. As Manon thinks he is exaggerating, William points out that neglect is a form of abuse and that it is not something that goes away so easily.

Shortly after, Manon finds Dorian on her sailboat. Listening to her cousin talk about all the trips he has made and the incredible experiences he has had, Manon judges that his life is rotten next to hers. However, for Dorian, she is lucky to never be alone and to be surrounded by friends.

Later, Bénédicte confides to her son that she can not wait to get back to sea. As Dorian would like to stay in Sète again to make friends, his mother assures us that he does not miss anything and says to herself certain that ‘ one day he will realize how lucky he was to have lived that life. Subsequently, Bénédicte meets her brother in the hospital and informs him that she is extending her stay by two weeks. News that does not thrill the doctor at all.


At the farmhouse, Judith and Noor are busy organizing the party they have planned for the same evening. For her part, Judith did not see fit to invite Souleymane because he has to leave in the afternoon to spend the weekend with his father. When Judith confides in Noor that she likes Noa and that she intends to have fun, her friend reminds her that you shouldn’t betray the people you love. When she pushes her to send a message to her boyfriend, Judith pretends to do so.

Later, Noa comes to lend a hand to the girls to install the sound system. While the Delcourt girl invites him to her party to thank him, Noa declines but changes her mind a few hours later. In the evening, the party is in full swing and Noa and Judith get to know each other by being particularly accomplices. However, their moment is interrupted by Souleymane. Having learned from Gabriel that she was having a party at the farmhouse, he criticizes Judith for not having invited him ….

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