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In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us” … While Clémentine’s body is found by the police, William’s sister arrives in Sète. Judith, for her part, meets Noa.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Thursday June 24 in Tomorrow belongs to us …


After setting the boat on fire, Sacha seriously injured his hand. In order to remove any suspicion, the coach prepares a barbecue and pretends to burn himself by wanting to light it. Worried about him, Juliette immediately accompanies him to the hospital. Meanwhile, Karim questions the Josse. As a man tried to steal a boat from them the day before, Noa thinks it is this same individual who set the boat on fire. Although unable to recognize him, the young man nevertheless indicates that he was probably burned because he heard him scream.

For her part, Victoire takes charge of Sacha. When Garance arrives in the treatment room, the tone rises quickly and she swears that he will end his days in prison before leaving the premises furious. Subsequently, Victoire joins Georges at Little Spoon and reports to him that Sacha burned his hand while lighting a barbecue. Since she wonders if his lesions really dated from today, Georges hastens to warn Karim to put him on this new track. The latter then goes to Frontignan to question the coach. On site, Juliette and Gaspard certify that Sacha was injured by lighting the barbecue in front of their eyes and also confirm that he was present at the family home around 11 p.m. the night before.

Back at the police station, new clues help advance the investigation. While the PTS confirmed that the DNA of Julie and Vinciane were indeed found in the burnt boat, an industrial label from an abandoned factory was also discovered. Without waiting, Karim and Sara go to the scene and come across cans of chemicals. By opening them one by one, the police find on the corpse of another woman.

At the end of the day, the forensic doctor makes his first report to Karim. The body of the victim belongs to a brunette woman in her forties, measuring 1m75. Although DNA results won’t be available until the next day, Mike found that the deceased had surgery on her right ankle and had a pin. By consulting Clémentine’s medical file, he learns that the sports teacher had also been operated on on the right ankle in 1993 after a fall from skiing. For Karim, there is no longer any doubt, it is about Clémentine’s body.


Bénédicte, Etienne and their son Dorian moor in the port of Sète. Back in France after several months sailing around the world, Bénédicte tries to contact William, her brother. In vain. Even if she knows he doesn’t like it, Bénédicte goes straight to the hospital to surprise him.

Unfortunately, Christelle informs her that Doctor Daunier is in consultation. Insofar as the social worker says she suffers from a stiff neck, Bénédicte, who is an osteopath and naturopath, offers to take care of her while waiting for her brother. At the time of the reunion, William is not particularly warm. After reminding his sister that she is not allowed to practice in the hospital, the doctor invites her to come to his house for dinner that evening.

Upon returning home, William announces the news to his daughters. As their father has planned a barbecue while his sister is a vegetarian, the two teenage girls, who know full well that William seizes the slightest opportunity to upset their aunt, make her promise not to spoil the evening. In the evening, the whole family is gathered around the table. If the atmosphere is in a good mood, William does not hesitate to send spikes to his sister as soon as the opportunity arises.


At two o’clock before the grand oral, Noor and Judith revise one last time. Deconcentrated by the noise of the work at Mas Josse, the teenagers go there and meet Noa. While he agrees to make less noise during their revision, Yvan still has a grudge against Jeanne and encourages his grandson to have fun with the grinder. Visibly under the spell of Judith, Noa refuses. Later, the students of Paul Valéry pass one by one their Grand …

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