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Sent to prison for the murder of her brother, Morgane Guého should soon be released and find Sandrine in “Tomorrow belongs to us” since Marie Catrix and Juliette Tresanini shot sequences this week on the beach in Sète.

Screenshot / TF1

Is one of the emblematic couples of Tomorrow belongs to us about to meet again? This is in any case what suggests a shooting photo posted on social networks by Juliette Tresanini and Marie Catrix, the interpreters of Sandrine Lazzari and Morgane Guého.

Together since 2019, the two women had to face an unprecedented storm last January when Morgane ended up being arrested and sent to prison for the murder of her brother, Franck (Franck Sémonin), a businessman with the past. trouble who had tried to kill Anne-Marie (Véronique Jannot) to get their hands on her fortune.

Following this big plot centered on the Lazzari-Guého family, viewers of Tomorrow Belongs to Us were able to follow Morgane in prison for a few episodes, during which Sandrine’s companion befriended her fellow inmate, who did not was other than Justine (Laura Mathieu).

Since the release of Justine, Morgane had no longer appeared on the screen, but Gabriel’s mother (Martin Mille) should make her big comeback in Tomorrow belongs to us by the end of the summer since Marie Catrix and Juliette Tresanini shot this week in Sète, on the beach, as evidenced by the photo below, on which the two actresses appear in swimsuits.

Everything therefore suggests that Morgane will soon be able to get out of prison – probably as part of a parole, like other characters in the series before her – and find Sandrine, Gabriel, Arthur (Théo Cosset), and Souleymane ( Dembo Camilo), that the family welcomed under their roof after the departure of Antoine (Frédéric Diefenthal) for Calvières.

And to believe this photo, happy days await Sandrine and Morgane, who will have left worries behind to taste happiness again. Before a wedding or a baby in the near future? The future will tell.

“Absolute joy to return with my partner of shock and charm … too long, it feels good”, wrote Juliette Tresanini on Instagram, visibly delighted to find Marie Catrix after several months. “The working environment was not too disgusting either and Thomas Lippmann’s team at the top”.

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