Tomorrow belongs to us: Clémentine’s body finally found?


Three women disappeared in Sète in “Tomorrow belongs to us”. Two bodies have already been found. The police continue their research and keep an eye on Sacha. In a warehouse out of sight, they come across a corpse. (Warning SPOILERS)

Tomorrow belongs to us : the noose tightens on Sacha

The investigation is in full swing in Tomorrow belongs to us. Police teams are doing everything to get hold of the murderer of the two women found in the pond. One thing is certain, these murders are related to the disappearance of Clémentine Doucet (Linda Hardy). The police keep an eye on Sacha (Renaud Roussel) who has been suspected from the start.

Indeed, the latter feels that the wind is turning and that the police are approaching him dangerously. He tries to do disappear all traces that he could have left. So, at nightfall, he returns to the Mas des Josse, and sets fire to the boat he used to throw the bodies into the pond.

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Sacha hides his evidence

Trying to do disappear his proofs Sacha severely burns his wrist. He must therefore consult a doctor. To be credible and remove all suspicion, he pretends to burn himself by lighting his barbecue. His children and his wife are witnesses, so he can justify his injury with doctors but also with the police.

Karim (Samy Gharbi), in charge of the investigation, learns that Sacha is burnt. He immediately made the link with the charred boat. The policeman therefore goes once again to the main suspect to ask him several questions. Unfortunately, Sacha has the answer to everything and explains in detail the causes of his injury. He also has an alibi the night the boat caught fire.

Discovery of Clémentine’s body

After discovering a tag in the boat in question, the police go to a warehouse. They find several empty solvent cans who should have gone to the landfill a little while ago. So they decide to open a few, that’s when they come face to face with a corpse. Brown, curly hair seems to be similar to that of Clementine.

The medical examiner analyzes the body. The woman was right ankle surgery and still wears a brooch. After reading the Clementine’s medical record, the latter discovers that she had an operation a few years ago on her ankle following a fall on a ski. So there is no longer any doubt, it’s good Clementine’s body which was found. This announcement will profoundly change the life of Garance (Esther Valding), her daughter. Will the police eventually get their hands on Sacha?

The episodes of the daily series Tomorrow belongs to us are broadcast every evening on TF1 at 7:10 p.m.

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