Tomb Raider: the new game announced soon?

Tomb Raider: the new game announced soon?

Crystal Dynamics is working on a new Tomb Raider game, but we haven’t seen anything yet. Patience, it will change and there is no need to wait several years.

When will the first Tomb Raider trailer be released? Unreal Engine 5 ?

After Perfect Dark news and a few words about the return of Legacy of Kain, the CEO of Crystal Dynamics talks about the cult Tomb Raider franchise. And more particularly the next game under development.

Disappointed not to have had details or others? It should move from 2023 according to the studio:

Our partnership with Epic and the integration ofUnreal Engine 5 in our dev toolchain really allows us to push storytelling to new levels. We haven’t yet shared any details on the plans we have for the franchise, but the team is eager to show where we’re headed. We hope to be able to do this as soon as possible next year.

Casually, we still have some elements on this future Tomb Raider. The head of Days Gone joined Crystal Dynamics in 2022 and chances are it’s to play a crucial role in development.

A big leak, which has since been deleted by Square Enix, revealed that we might find an experienced 30-something Lara Croft commanding her team of archaeologists. It would obviously be an action adventure game that would take place in our time in a world that would be affected by a gigantic cataclysm.

But the developers could also dig into the private life of Lara Croft who would be in a relationship with a woman. A possible relationship that has set the Web on fire between purely homophobic reactions and those who do not want the loves of the adventurer to have a place in this title, regardless of their nature.

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