Tomb Raider: a leak reveals a lot of info, players are already angry

Tomb Raider: a leak reveals a lot of info, players are already angry

It’s definitely a leaky party right now and obviously it’s Tomb Raider the new victim. Worse the players are already raging without even making it official

Nothing is yet official for the next Tomb Raider game that players are already raging about a simple leak. This leak in question would simply come from a script of the game that the Sacred Symbol podcast shared. In it we find crisp information on the scenario.

Tomb Raider leaked

All this remains to be taken with tweezers but here is what we can learn via this script leak : We can thus read that the first ideas would feature our famous Lara Croft, already experienced, in her late thirties, who would be at the head of a team of archaeologists/looters.

In other words, Lara shouldn’t be alone and the names of characters like Devendra and Tanvi are already mentioned. The name of the project would be “Jawbreaker”. The game is described in the script as an action-adventure title set in our time but in which a world-wide cataclysm is said to have taken place.

A possible homosexual affair turns the internet upside down

Whether it’s positive or negative reactions, what upsets the internet is above all the idea of ​​a possible romance between Lara Croft and another female character since the script indicates “romantic sequences with another female character“. Finally, obviously the development teams are currently looking for a British Lara Croft with the same kind of profile as actresses Emily Blunt or Rosamund Pike.

Obviously the subject of hypothetical homosexuality of Lara Croft is already in the process of tensing the spirits and creating rage both on the side of those who are against that of those who act in protest to this so-called rage. In short, we did not come out of the brambles as they say.

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