To create this Xbox exclusive, this developer admits to having copied Capcom

To create this Xbox exclusive, this developer admits to having copied Capcom

Who could have believed it? The Xbox exclusive Fable could have been completely different if its co-creator Dene Carter had not had an improbable source of inspiration to develop his game. Namely the cult game from Capcom: Devil May Cry.

A bit of Devil May Cry for the development of Fable

As unlikely as it may seem, the developer confided in all this directly on Twitter. The man speaks without language of wood of Fable and its inspiration for its development.

I’m sure everyone knows about this hack already, but I’m going to mention it anyway, in case it saves someone from being completely off the mark while it’s being developed. This is a clue about the range, when you feel lost: steal it. Tear it 100% from another game.

How did the world of Fable grow to this size? Because I had played Devil-May-Cry, and noticed that the world had something like 82 zones. It didn’t seem excessive. He was reusing and re-contextualizing areas. It worked for a relatively short, but high quality game.

I literally counted the number of zones, the size of those zones, and the average time spent in those zones, and used that to block the entire world of Albion. At the time, we were spiraling out of control, convinced that we had to do something “big” (whatever that means).

Literally copying the scale of DMC, the interaction density of Silent Hill, and the encounter style of the first Way of the Samurai, Fable went from an indefinite, never-ending death march to something we really could finish without having ever worked on a 3D game.

Did I feel uncomfortable? Nope ! I wasn’t using other games’ themes, ideas or creativity, just their scope. It was like seeing that most movies are 90 minutes and saying, “Oh. I guess it works. We can do that!”

Here is a confession and a frankness that do good in a world made up of pretenses and lies.

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