Titanium will represent France at the 2022 Oscars


“Titane”, by Julia Ducournau, was chosen to be the French candidate for the 2022 Oscars ahead of “Bac Nord” and “L’Événement”. Still remains to be part of the selection of 5 films nominated for the Oscar for Best foreign film.

Titanium : success continues

After Serious, filmmaker Julia Ducournau released her second feature film this year: Titanium. Carried by Agathe Rousselle and Vincent Lindon, the film follows the dark and violent fate of Alexia, a young woman who will change her condition completely. Titanium divided opinions, shocked one part of the public, seduced another, and has been praised by some of the professional critics. In Cannes, the film won the ultimate prize, Golden Palm ! At the box office, Ducournau’s feature film attracted more than 300,000 spectators. A rapid and impressive success which does not seem to stop there.

Julia Ducournau at the Oscars!

Last week, three French films were in the running to represent France at the 2022 Oscars. North Bac, Titanium and The event fought for the only place. Finally, it is Titanium who won this fight at the top, with the beard of the film of Cédric Jimenez and that of Audrey Diwan. A decision that was taken by a committee made up of Julie Delpy and Florian Zeller, producers Iris Knobloch and Alain Goldman, exporters Emilie Georges and Grégory Chambet, and three ex officio members: Thierry Frémaux, the deputy managing director of the Festival de Cannes, Serge Toubiana, President of Unifrance, and Elisabeth Tanner, the representative of the Académie des César.

Vincent (Vincent Lindon) – Titanium © Diaphana Films

Be careful though. This selection does not yet mean that the film will be nominated for the Oscar for Best Foreign Film.. The Academy of Oscars still has to choose Titanium for said category. For the moment, the film is sent by France to represent it. The selection of the Oscars 2022 will be unveiled on February 8. Before that, it will be necessary that Titanium either in the short-list of 15 international films chosen by the Academy on December 21. Then, that the work manages to rise in the selection of the 5 remaining films which will be sent to the Oscars. So there are still a few steps to Titanium before glory, but let’s keep our fingers crossed!

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