This War of Mine celebrates its 8th anniversary by helping Ukraine

This War of Mine celebrates its 8th anniversary by helping Ukraine

The game This War of Mine which is a pamphlet against the War wishes to act to help the Ukrainian population while celebrating its anniversary.

Dating from 2014, This War of Mine is now celebrating its 8th anniversary, with no less than 7 million copies sold worldwide, making it the biggest success of the 11 Bit studio and a huge hit for the management game genre. A deserved success that necessarily makes you want to act accordingly.

This War of Mine makes perfect sense

This War of Mine is a game that makes you live the life of a survivor during a war. And of course the context of the War in Ukraine speaks to developers who want to do more to help. Hailing from Poland, the 11 bit team is known to have provided significant aid to the Red Cross to the tune of $850,000 through a special sale for the NGO. We also remember that the DLC “The Little Ones from This War of Mine“had successfully raised more than $558,000 for WarChild to help children who suffer from war. In the same vein and to keep the fight going, 11 bit offers on Humble Bundle, a massive collection of 9 games. You know the principle, you give the amount you want to get everything but this time all (except the percentage that goes to Humble Bundle) will go straight for the association Razom which aims to rebuild Ukraine.

This should allow you to make a nice gesture while enjoying a beautiful catalog with in particular wonderful nuggets like a certain frostpunk Where Children of Morta. Quite simply, studio 11 is a real masterpiece machine.

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