This surprising PC case is also an aquarium for your fish

If you find your PC ugly or your loved ones can no longer bear the presence of an unsightly box in the middle of your bedroom or living room, know that the Chinese company Metalfish offers a box that acts as an aquarium. Her name ? MetalFish Y2. This two-in-one eye candy is surprising.

Metalfish Y2: this PC for aquarists

This pc.

This PC with a more than original concept measures 370 x 250 x 290 mm and has two USB 3.0 ports at the front, and can accommodate a 2.5 “hard drive as well as a motherboard in Micro-ATX format. Side cooling, the whole is ensured by two RGB fans at the front.It is not known if the aquarium itself can ensure the cooling of the case.

An aquarium

The upper part (the aquarium) is separated from the housing by a 3 mm acrylic layer. A pump, filter and oxygenator are included and power is via USB. The other question that arises is whether the aquarium is sufficiently sealed against the heat of the components so as not to cause the water of the fish to rise too much in temperature.

It should be noted that some species are very sensitive to temperature fluctuation and a simple difference of a few degrees can be fatal. This PC is therefore a good idea but it is better to be certain that everything will work best for the health of your scaly proteges.

This pc.

Sold on the Chinese manufacturer’s website, it is offered at a price of 75 euros.

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