The Xbox Series S burden of the new generation? The devs let go

Will the new generation of consoles be crippled by the Xbox Series S? This is claimed by several developers, who have expressed their frustration.

The controversy around Gotham Knights and its 30 fps on new generation consoles has opened up a new debate: that of the Xbox Series S. The less powerful console would indeed be a drag on its big sister and the PS5. The developers have spoken openly on the subject.

The Xbox Series S would limit PS5 and XSX games

It all started from Gotham Knights. Available today on PC and next-gen consoles only, the Batman-less game has been debated for its 30fps lock-in. The developers had justified this decision by its detailed open world, the default activation of the ray tracing and its cooperative multiplayer experience. Lee Devonald, a former Rocksteady employee who worked on Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, has taken to social media to defend his colleagues.

For him, a very large majority of studios are constantly looking for 60 fps for their PS5 games and Xbox Series, especially when a title only comes out on these machines and ignores the previous generation. He reminds us that cross-platform games should always be optimized for less powerful machines. Even when a game is exclusive to the new genit must also consider the weakest model: the Xbox Series S. And she is the heart of the problem according to him. With its less powerful graphics processor, it would be a brake on the ambitions of developers. ” Microsoft will never let you run a game on one without releasing it on the other. A whole generation of games paralyzed by this potato he wrote.

Xbox Series  price increase

Developers want to change Microsoft’s mind

Words that then sparked a debate. A journalist explained for example on the networks that the argument did not hold. Most games are indeed released on PC with several possible configurations. A developer who worked on the game Xbox Series and PC I Am Fish at Bossa asserts that the Xbox Series S was indeed a brake for the developers.

The reason you hear so much about it is because MANY developers are desperately trying to blow the launch criteria of the Xbox Series S. The studios went through a development cycle where the Xbox Series S was at the ankle for the production. Now that the games are firmly developed with the new consoles in mind, they don’t want to repeat the same process.

A consensus seems to have been established around the limitations of Xbox Series S and the obligation to develop games on it to hope to launch a title on its big sister. Already last May, a journalist from Digital Foundry explained that he had heard similar statements from several developers. For them, the XSS would often be a “trouble”, in particular because of the constraints of working memory. As soon as the console was announced, several studios had expressed their fears, in particular Remedy (Alan Wake). It would seem that they were proven.

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