The Witcher : the last season with Henry Cavill is likely to infuriate even more

The Witcher : the last season with Henry Cavill is likely to infuriate even more

Season 3 of the series The Witcher will mark the end of Henry Cavill as Geralt of Rivia. The actor will be replaced by Liam Hemsworth, known for his role in The Hunger Games. A choice that is not to everyone’s taste and the fans have expressed their dissatisfaction. Nothing will change that, not even Cavill’s ouster as Superman. This third season should therefore be the last stand of the Geralt so appreciated and Netflix knows that it holds an event in its hands. For good reason, the firm with the red logo would consider making a decision that could frustrate more than one spectator.

Season 3 of The Witcher split into two parts?

Series The Witcher would she be in danger? Faced with the bitter failure of The Witcher : The legacy of blood and the departure of Henry Cavill which suggests a drop in interest in the adaptation, the juggernaut of streaming could make a most unpleasant change. Netflix’s solution before possibly dropping the license would be simple: broadcast the last season with Cavill in two parts. The opportunity for the platform to mark the occasion for this departure which still continues to cause a lot of ink to flow. Asked about this possibility by The Collidershowrunner Lauren Schmidt Hissrich replied:

We haven’t discussed splitting the season yet, but at this stage I wouldn’t rule it out. I think we obviously don’t put anything on the market that we’re not incredibly proud of. So that’s what dictates our launch date and I think that would be interesting. Again, we have plenty of time, about eight months before the release of Season 3 of The Witcher. God willing, we’ll all come out at the same time. But who knows? We will see what will happen. The decision is not only up to Netflix, it can also be made for practical and technical reasons.

Lauren Schmidt Hissrich

According to several rumors, the series The Witcher would have fallen behind on its post-production. Rewrites linked to the departure of Henry Cavill and greedy and time-consuming special effects would be in question. With this option, Netflix could kill two birds with one stone. Give the ending more time to polish, and keep the actor’s fans hooked for a few more months.

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