The Witcher Remake is no longer a dream but a reality

The Witcher Remake is no longer a dream but a reality

You may have dreamed of it in your heart and CD Projekt does it! The Witcher Remake is currently in development. By an external studio? Game veterans? The details.

Tada! The very mysterious Canis Majoris project formalizes its nature, it is The Witcher Remake. Yes, another remake some would say.

CD Projekt Red Announcement The Witcher Remake

To add to The Witcher 4, developers CD Projekt Red are working on two games set in the Witcher universe. Project Sirius, designed by Molasses By The Flood, which is in pre-production and will have a multiplayer mode. And the second project is therefore The Witcher Remake.

Several pieces of information should be remembered, starting with the most important: the original material should be respected. The remake is being developed by Polish studio Fool’s Theory, where veterans of the franchise work, and CD Projekt Red is there to “provide full creative supervision”. No more details, but like the next productions of the company, it will run under Unreal Engine 5

The Witcher is the project that started it all for us, for CD PROJEKT RED. It’s the very first game we’ve done, and it was a big moment for us at the time. Going back to that time and recreating the game for the next generation of players to experience is just as huge for us, maybe even more so. The collaboration with Fool’s Theory on the project is equally exciting, since some people there have been involved in developing the games. The Witcher. They know the source material well, they know how much gamers expect this kind of recreation, and they know how to make ambitious and amazing games. And while it’s going to be a while before we share more info about the game, I know it will be worth it..

Adam Badowski, boss of CD Projekt Red, via Press release.

A project that makes people happy

The Witcher Remake will undoubtedly make people happy. Jakub Rokosz, CEO of Fool’s Theory, is one of them. He says he is very happy at the idea of ​​collaborating again with former colleagues:

I’m very happy that my professional path once again crosses paths with my fellow developers from when we worked together on The Witcher 2 and The Witcher 3. Especially when it comes to recreating a project so dear to our hearts. We’re thrilled to partner with CD PROJEKT RED, and our goal is to give gamers another standout game in the iconic series. The Witcher.

Jacob RokoszCEO of Fool’s Theory.

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