The Witcher Remake: a big change from the original?

Recently announced, The Witcher Remake already raises many questions. One of them concerns Geralt himself and his voice. The Witcher actor spoke on the subject.

License The Witcher never ceases to make headlines. Between the departure of Henry Cavill for the Netflix series, the arrival of the PS5 versions and Xbox Series for The Witcher 3 and some info on the fourth opus, we don’t know where to turn. It is now the turn of The Witcher Remake to be talked about with the possibility of a change in size compared to the original.

A different Geralt too for The Witcher Remake?

Powered by Wild Hunt in 2015, the license The Witcher attracted more than 60 million players during its existence. Many, however, did not experience Geralt’s first adventures in video games. To ride on the exponential success of the franchise, CD Projekt RED has announced the development of The Witcher Remake, entrusted to Fool’s Theory. A still mysterious project which will therefore make it possible to discover the origin of the video game adaptation under Unreal Engine 5. While very little is known about it yet, fans fear that the game will make a major change from the original title.

Asked by Eurogamer about The Witcher Remake, the English dubber of Geralt de Riv was very interested in the idea of ​​resuming the role he has played for three opuses in order to record new lines of dialogue. However, CD Projekt RED has not yet contacted him. ” I don’t know if they’re going to ask me to re-record the dialogue, and I don’t know if they’re going to use the Witcher 1 dialogue as it is. I do not know. I would be there in an instant if the phone ever rang. But for now, I know as much about it as you do. said Doug Cockle.

The Witcher  Remake announcement

Scenario changes to be expected?

For the actor, the passage under Unreal Engine 5 will mean many changes. While some fans were quick to fear that Geralt would be replaced overnight, there’s little chance of that happening. Indeed, most players started out with The Witcher 3 and familiarized themselves with the cast of the game, so it seems unlikely that the Polish studio will decide to make a big replacement.

For its part, CD Projekt RED told our colleagues that it was still too early to answer this question. The Witcher Remake is indeed only at the beginning of its development and the technology of the new engine ofEpic Games could allow teams to go even further. It is therefore not excluded that new quests or changes in the scenario will be made. In other words, a writing or even rewriting work could be necessary for the game and the actor could not be contacted until the studio has clarified this point. To be continued…

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