The Witcher Netflix: Henry Cavill’s replacement wants to impress you

Liam Hemsworth, Henry Cavill’s replacement from season 4 of The Witcher takes his role very seriously and trains to wow the audience.

The announcement of the departure of Henry Cavill for season 4 of the series The Witcher from Netflix had the effect of an earthquake within the community of fans. Despite the reluctance about him when the series was announced, the one who will put on the Superman cape for the next films has convinced his detractors. His replacement, Liam Hemsworth seems determined to do the same.

Liam Hemsworth wants to ensure for season 4 of The Witcher

The saga The Witcher never stop talking about her. Between the Remake, of which we already know some information, or the fourth opus, the news around the license is dense. Especially since a spin-off officially arrives on Netflix this month: The Witcher: Blood Origin. In an interview published by Crave Cultureone of the actors of the series spoke openly about the departure of Henry Cavill and his replacement.

Joey Batey aka Dandelion in The Witcher Netflix, is enthusiastic about the arrival of Liam Hemsworth in Geralt De Riv. According to him, the Australian actor spares no effort to try to impress the fans. This ranges from physical training to researching lore and books to better understand the character.

I contacted him to welcome him. The strength and courage he shows to join a series like this in the middle is incredible. I hope everyone is aware of the commitment they already have to what they have to accomplish. He is diving head first into this project and he takes it seriously with his personal research, training and more. Henry will be greatly missed, but Liam will bring something new, fresh and different to the series The Witcher.

The Witcher  NetflixLiam

Liam Hemsworth still has time to prepare for his role. Season 3 of the series The Witcher will indeed be broadcast during the summer of 2023. On the other hand, we do not yet know when the filming of the sequel will begin. In any case, the fans want Henry Cavill to continue to play Geralt, to the point that they launched a petition which continues to accumulate thousands of signatures today.

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