The Witcher : bad news, two games have just been killed

The Witcher : bad news, two games have just been killed

A handful of Witcher fans may take the news badly, but The Witcher will indeed lose two of its games shortly.

The ax has fallen, CD Projekt has decided to focus its efforts on the next trilogy The Witcher and his upcoming projects. The studio has just announced sad news for two of its games, Gwent: The Witcher card games and The Witcher : Monster Slayer.

The Witcher does the housework

Gwent was a card game inspired by the eponymous game whose popularity exploded with The Witcher 3. The software offers several solo and competitive game modes and many cards allowing a lot of different strategies.
Only, here, even if the players are still numerous enough, CD Projekt has decided to stop monitoring the game from next year.
The software will receive 72 new cards in three expansions that will arrive throughout 2023, but after that, it’s over. The studio is expected to leave a small team on the game, however, as it has announced that it will be keeping tabs on the game’s meta and providing updates as needed by listening to the community. The game is therefore not definitively closed, but we can speak of a slow kill despite everything.

In contrast, The Witcher: Monster Slayera mobile game similar to Pokemon Go in the witcher universe, will not be entitled to so much leniency since it will literally be decommissioned as of June 30, 2023.

It’s the employees who unfortunately drink

The Spokko studio, dedicated to CD Projekt’s mobile games, will not survive either and will be merged with CD Projekt Red. Incidentally, the studio says it will be forced to part with some of its developers, without giving the exact number. Very sad news on all levels.

In the future, we plan to integrate Spokko into CD Projekt, with some of its staff having the opportunity to join CD Projekt Red’s major development projects. During this transition, some staff members will unfortunately be made redundant. However, we will do our best to support all of our employees affected by this situation and ensure that the transition to the next stage of their career is as easy and safe as possible.

CD Projekt seems to want to refocus on its current big projects, like The Witcher 4 and the remake of The Witcher first name. It is only a pity to see that there is once again breakage in passing.

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