The Witcher : a new solo game is coming tomorrow and it will be without Geralt

What was called Project Golden Nekker finally became official during a stream this Wednesday, July 6. And the wait won’t be very long before diving back into the world of The Witcher.

The Witcher roguelike and deckbuilding version

CD Projekt RED goes roguelike. The Polish studio has announced Gwent Rogue Mage, a single-player experience based on the card game and the universe of The Witcher. A prequel set hundreds of years before Geralt was born. Players embody the mage Alzur, who wants to create the very first Witcher. This narrative game should therefore bring more element to the lore while incorporating many roguelike and deckbuilding elements.

Obviously not enough to disorient the players of Gwent since the formula will remain fundamentally the same according to IGN, who was able to put his hands on the game in advance. Players will therefore find their favorite characters through cards, but the mechanics will be a little more complex. Gwent Rogue Mage will also include several difficulty modes for everyone to find their account, moral choices, procedurally generated maps with events and battles. In short, enough to guarantee a minimum of replayability.

The good news is that this little appetizer to keep us waiting until The Witcher 4 will be available tomorrow, Thursday July 7 on PC, iOS and Android. The title will be sold for €9.99 in its standard version and €19.99 in the premium edition, which includes in-game skins and multiplayer game map packs.

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