The Witcher 4: while waiting for the new game, an unlikely DLC

The Witcher 4: while waiting for the new game, an unlikely DLC

The construction site The Witcher 4 is launched but the game is not ready to be released. To keep fans waiting, CD Projekt Red will be bringing the franchise back with new content in a brand new form.

The Witcher 4 won’t be released until at least 2025, but the Witcher universe will be back long before that. Geralt de Riv was invited in an MMO and not just any.

The Witcher arrives in the MMO Lost Ark

After Skyrim, get ready to review The Witcher in another game. CD Projekt Red and the South Korean studio Smilegate (CrossfireX) for a project as unexpected as it is intriguing: the arrival of Geralt de Riv and his universe in the world of Lost Ark with a DLC. Special content already planned for early 2023 by the developers.

And if we are to believe the tweet below, the witcher should be part of it one way or another. Just a skin? A full character? It’s still a secret, but the MMO which is a hit is obviously not used to rushing its events.

What new adventures will Geralt have in Arkesia? Find out when The Witcher will arrive in Lost Arkearly 2023.

A little appetizer before the culmination of CD Projekt Red’s major projects for its franchise. In the years to come, there will indeed be several new games including a complete remake of the first episode under Unreal Engine 5.

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