The Witcher 4: very big ambitions for the new saga

The Witcher 4: very big ambitions for the new saga

CD Projekt RED is also thinking big for The Witcher 4 and the second saga that it will initiate. The developers have just confirmed that they have a long-term vision.

The development of The Witcher 4 continues to be in full swing, but CD Projekt RED is already looking to the future. The Polish studio has spoken about its new saga and it obviously has its head full of ideas.

Great ambitions for the saga of The Witcher 4

It’s confirmed, The Witcher 4 has officially already entered the pre-production stage. This new chapter will mark the beginning of a new saga and CD Projekt RED obviously has big plans for it. If the questions around the future protagonists will remain unanswered, Adam Kiciński (CEO) has indeed confirmed that the developers still see things big.

We have more than one game in mind. The first saga consisted of three games, so now we imagine more than one game, but the first game of the second saga of The Witcher is in pre-production at the moment », explains the CEO of CD Projekt RED. A statement that flows from source, but the studio had never confirmed planning other titles after The Witcher 4. Given his words, we should expect at least a trilogy, if not more. However, we will have to be patient because we will not see a license game again for a while.

We remind you, despite everything, that players will be able to immerse themselves in the final chapter of Geralt’s saga with the PS5 update and Xbox Series x of The Witcher 3. If no date has been advanced, it is still scheduled for the end of the year. The Netflix series is also filming its third season currently. Suffice to say that the players will have something to take care of while waiting for news of The Witcher 4.

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