The Witcher 4: the console version will not be at a discount

The Witcher 4: the console version will not be at a discount

The fiasco of Cyberpunk 2077 at launch seems to have vaccinated CD Projekt Red for good. Promised, errors made will not be reproduced on The Witcher 4, Cyberpunk 2 and upcoming games from the studio.

The PS4/Xbox One version of Cyberpunk 2077 will remain a textbook case not to be reproduced. If there was better with the PS5 version / Xbox Series, we had to wait more than a year for an optimization update while the game on PC was much less problematic and more stable from the outset. The developers have learned the lesson and will improve, among other things, to The Witcher 4.

The Witcher 4: consoles and PCs in the same boat

For The Witcher 4 and the next games in the series, Cyberpunk 2 or their new franchise, CD Projekt Red wants to proceed differently. And the studio even makes a promise: to consider all platforms identically. Both PC and console versions will be tested carefully to avoid any issues with CP2077.

One of the main risks that can be faced during the development process is stability and performance on all platforms. We test the quality of gameplay on every entry platform, and we don’t just focus on the development platform, the PC.

The expansion of the studio, with the creation of teams in the United States, should also allow a better finishing of each version of each game.Unreal Engine 5 for The Witcher 4 and the other projects should help developers a lot. It will also be necessary to avoid pressure from shareholders as on CP2077 and a clear direction from the start.

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