The Witcher 4: already an exit window for its sequel

Great day for Witcher fans. CD Projekt RED just announced two new games The Witcher, one of which with a multiplayer mode. The Polish studio also provided details on The Witcher 4 and on its new saga.

The Witcher 4 will be a trilogy, one game every 6 years

We will have to be patient before we can put our hands on The Witcher 4. This does not prevent CD Projekt RED from communicating on the game and its development to reassure investors after the debacle of the launch of Cyberpunk 2077. The one that is internally called Project Polaris is developed by more than 150 developers. The title is currently in pre-production and will sign at the same time the debut of the studio with theUnreal Engine 5.

What emerges from this conference, on the other hand, is that we know the frequency of release of the games of the trilogy which will be initiated by The Witcher 4. Because yes, the new saga will be a trilogy, it’s confirmed. CD Projekt RED intends to release a new opus every 6 years after the release of Project Polaris. No release window has been put forward for the next game, but it shouldn’t be expected to release until around 2025. “The legacy of The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt” is well underway.

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