The Witcher 3: the PS5 patch and Xbox Series available, it’s monstrous

The Witcher 3: the PS5 patch and Xbox Series available, it's monstrous

Biggest Free Update The Witcher 3 is finally available since last night for sleep late. A patch that makes the game more beautiful than ever. But it comes at a price…

The Witcher 3: a heavyweight on PS5, Xbox Series and pc

Postponed several times, the long-awaited patch 4.0 of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is now available on all platforms. If the graphic evolution is the most important element of this update, this one also includes gameplay and other improvements. We explain everything to you right here.

With all these huge changes, the update necessarily weighs its weight. And we’re not talking about a small file of about ten GB, it’s much more. On consoles and PC, patch 4.0 of The Witcher 3 is equivalent to downloading a full game.

  • PS5: 50.19 GB
  • Xbox Series : 53.66 GB
  • PC: 45 GB

Suffice to say that if you want to spend your weekend on it and your connection is not fast, do not waste time. Logically, if The Witcher 3 is already installed on your machine, the patch download should start on its own. But you can always make sure via the “Check for available updates” feature.

Have you stayed up to discover or rediscover CD Projekt Red’s masterpiece? What do you think ? Absolutely satisfied? Disappointed? Between the two ? Tell us everything comments.

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