The Witcher 3 PS5: trophy hunters will be disappointed

The Witcher 3 PS5: trophy hunters will be disappointed

Whereas The Witcher 3 is expected within a few days on PS5 and Xbox Seriesbad news has just fallen for trophy and achievement hunters.

As of December 14, those who had purchased The Witcher 3 on PS4 and Xbox One will be able to play it again on next-gen consoles. The PS5 upgrade and Xbox Series will finally be deployed for free, at the same time as a DLC based on the Netflix series. In addition to a graphic leap forward, the update will bring some new features aimed at improving the comfort of play. already unlocked? The developers have provided an answer.

The trophies of The Witcher 3 transferred to PS5?

When released on PS5 and Xbox Series, The Witcher 3 will allow players to recover their saves from previous generation consoles. Those who had dropped the game along the way can therefore pick up where they left off if they wish. This transfer of data has raised a question within the trophy hunting community. Will the achievements or platinums be automatically unlocked or will we have to start all over again? Faced with growing questions from players, Marcin Momot, communication director at CD Projekt RED, wanted to provide a clear and limpid answer.

I see a lot of questions about this. Achievements and trophies are platform bound, i.e. they will not be unlocked when transferring saves between consoles. You will have to unlock them again.

It has the merit of being clear, it will be necessary to resume the hunt for Platinum or 1000G from the beginning on PS5 and Xbox Series. We recall that it takes on average more than 100 hours to hope to obtain the Holy Grail. This will be the perfect opportunity to rediscover The Witcher 3 in a new light and in better conditions. Between the world at 60 fps, one at 4K, ray tracing, reworked character models, more advanced facial animations, improvements in terms of gameplay or even better display depth, the PS5 versions and Xbox Series there is no shortage of arguments for us to focus on. We invite you to discover the first comparative video with the original game to discover the full extent of these changes.

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